Equestrian Services

Equestrian construction, Maintenance and Drainage

We take great pride in completing work to the highest of standards using our own machinery with the latest technology, whilst 
offering a friendly, personal and  professional 

Technical Turf are highly experienced in services for all equestrain disciplines from the construction of gallops, polo fields, indoor and outdoor menages to racecourse maintenance and renovation.

Our experience, skilled team and specialist machinery can give you peace of mind that your project is in good hands.
Equestrian Services

  1. Topping
    Topping is essential to maintain grass at an optimum grazing height of 5-7 centimetres during the growing season. It removes the tall, tough grass, which livestock; especially horses tend to leave and prevents weeds from going to seed. This in turn, helps to encourage new fresh grass to spread and increases the sward density.
  2. Spraying
    A healthy well maintained pasture should not need spraying each year; however weeds can begin to grow in even the healthiest of pastures. This is not a problem and can be dealt with by using herbicide that is suitable for the eradication of the particular problem.
  3. Mowing
    Where a higher quality lawn finish is required we have a range of versatile equipment and skilled operators to suit virtually all situations. Difficult to reach grass and vegetation can be cut using our long reach hedge cutter flail arm. This is particularly useful on banks, watercourses and around horse arenas.
  4. Fertilising
    Fertiliser is used to feed the ground and promote plant growth. The level and type of fertiliser is dependent on what the grassland is used for and amount of livestock it needs to support. Horses require good quality grass. It must be nutritionally well balanced and not overly rich in nitrogen.
  5. Rolling
    Rolling should always be done after reseeding to ensure that the seed gains enough contact with the soil to give positive germination. Reseeding can take place when grass is growing and the soil is warm, usually from March through to late September.
  6. Re-seeding & Over-seeding
    Re-seeding and over-seeding can be performed when grass is growing and the soil is warm enough to allow the seed to germinate. Depending on weather conditions this is typically from late March through to late September but taking care to avoid drought periods which typically occur during the peak summer months issues.
  7. Harrowing
    This is best carried out in the spring or early summer, but only if ground conditions allow. It needs to be dry enough to carry the weight of the tractor without causing damage to the ground. Harrowing pulls up dead grass, providing space for healthy grass to fill. Harrowing also breaks up the surface of the ground allowing better drainage and an increase in available nutrients for plant uptake.
  8. Aerating
    With constant grazing and trampling by livestock and horses, the soil can become compacted. This can lead to poor drainage and an increase in weed growth with the net result being less grass and unhealthy soil. Aerating each year provides many benefits including surface drainage improvements, soils recover quicker, increased root development and much more.
  9. Groundwork & Drainage
    We have successfully drained a number of paddocks and fields, particularly following recent wet seasons. In some cases it can be a simple cleaning and unblocking of existing ditches and drains which alleviates the problem. In other situations a new drain or ditch system may be required to provide effective relief for many years to come.
  10. Fencing
    There are many different types of fencing available to suit a range of budgets and individual requirements. Whether you want to make your garden safe for dogs, your paddocks safe for horses, fields stock proof or are in need of repairs or new gates installed, we are able to assist.
"Just a quick note to say how impressed I've been with the service provided by Technical Turf. I have a two acre paddock which was in need of some care and attention and its been almost impossible to get someone to 1, come and assess what was required and 2 to actually do the work! 

That was until I found Technical Turf! From the initial contact through to the work being completed (on time to budget!) the team at Technical Turf were a pleasure to deal with. Their honest, prompt, practical advice was much appreciated and the proactive aftercare has meant that I something I used to dread is now taken care of without any of the usual hassle - thanks Technical Turf!  "

Dave Batson, Private Client