TORO ProCore 648

The Toro ®ProCore 648 aerator, with its efficient 48" (122 cm) coring swath, delivers maximum productivity. From the innovative wheel

placement within the coring path to the TrueCore™ ground following

system that maintains consistent coring depth, it has set a new standard for aerator innovation and performance. Pass after pass and year after year the ProCore 648 aerator from Toro helps ensure you stay ahead of the game.


Information about the machine:

• Innovative wheel placement
• Efficient aeration
• High productivity
• Deeper, high-quality holes
• TrueCore™ ground following
• Series/Parallel 3-wheel drive
• Smooth, quiet, powerful
•No more crushed cores



Aerate 18 greens in about 7 hours.
With a wide coring swath, brisk speed and faster cleanup,
the ProCore 648 is the most productive walk aerator for your
course. Competitive comparison chart is based on 6,500 ft.2
(604 m2) greens, 1,000 ft. (305 m) between greens, 2" x 2"
(5.1 cm x 5.1 cm) hole spacing and standard turnarounds.
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