What is the Air2G2?
The Air 2G2 is a self-propelled hydrostatic drive three probe air injection machine, injecting compressed air to either 7” or 12” deep (depending upon probe fitting). This causes a fracturing effect of the compacted rootzone, with no surface disruption. Air is injected vertically and horizontally over an area of 5ft (1.5m) to 12” (30cms) deep. Read more about the Air2G2 here .

Air2G2 Hire
Technical Turf offers a nationwide service of Air2G2 hire, due to its highly specialist nature the machine is only available to hire with a Technical Turf operator.

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  • Can be used on all sports surfaces
  • Improved growth in the root zone
  • Better drainage and aeration leading to long-term benefits to both the soil structure and health of the grass
  • Can be used all year round
  • Zero surface disruption
  • Air injected vertically and horizontally over an area of
    1.5m to 30cm deep
Air2G2 benefits: