Charterhouse 7416 Verti-Drain

Charterhouse 7416 Verti-Drain

All Machine hires are subject to VAT.
Delivery and collection of machines by Technical Turf is subject to a £50.00 charge each way if the delivery/collection address is within 80 miles of Technical Turfs location (Melton Mowbray). If you require a machine to be delivered or collected outside of this 80-mile radius, then prices are available on request. Any person who hires a machine from Technical Turf must agree to the terms and conditions set out in the machine hire agreement document.  Once a machine is out for hire it is the responsibility of the hirer and they must accept all liability for loss or damage.


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Information about the machine:
  • The 1.5m Verti-Drain is the machine used for deep
compaction relief on golf greens and sports turf

  • Depths of up to 14″

  • Tines from 8mm-19mm in diameter

Hire prices are available on request.
For week hire rates call: 01664 444 001
Email: [email protected]