Elegant Edging

If you’re looking to create boundaries between your lawn edge, flower beds, garden paths or driveways, our strong durable lawn edging is easy to install and simply joins together. It can either be curved or we can offer 90-degree corners.  Our 3mm option is best for gardens and our 5mm is best for heavier duty edging such as for driveways.
Sold in 2m lengths as standard we are also able to offer bespoke lengths.
To install, a steel stake is knocked into the ground every metre which provides stability. All materials are British manufactured. We supply and install Elegant Edging.
Standard sizes:

  • 100 x 3mm (2m length) with fixings
  • 100 x 5mm (2m length) with fixings
  • 150 x 3mm (2m length) with fixings
  • 150 x 5mm (2m length) with fixings
  • 90 Degree corner (600 x 600mm)

Finish options:

Bare Metal (Left to Rust)

Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss your requirements.

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